St Saviour’s is growing: growing in faith, growing in numbers, and growing in the ways we serve our community.

We need more space and better facilities to enable us to continue flourishing and to build on this growth and continue to be a place where we are ‘radically transforming lives in the love and power of Jesus’.

The Big Build is going to help us fulfil that mission.

We are going to rebuild our church from the inside out, adding a mezzanine floor and extending the church so that it reaches the street. We’ll also create a new kitchen, new washrooms, add proper storage facilities and get rid of the unsightly portakabin. The new foyer will have a café, so that we can welcome people, offer them hospitality, and show them God at work in their community.

The mezzanine floor will have dedicated spaces for our youth work, offices and meeting rooms so that we can host addiction support groups, and other similar projects that require privacy.

The main body of the Church will remain for services, but it will look a lot nicer.

This is a big project, but together we have the faith, the skills and experience to make it work.

We will be talking more about this project on Sunday 16th July, but briefly, the timetable is:

* Planning and other permissions to be gained over the summer 2017.

* All the funds to be raised by July of 2018.

* Building work to be completed by July of 2019 – but we will remain open throughout the project.

We currently estimate that the project will cost about £2M. About a quarter of this money will come from the sale of the property on Wolsey Road, and the Diocese are supporting us with a loan, but we will have to raise just over half of the cost.

Some of this will come from Trusts and Foundations, the local community, local businesses, and other well-wishers, but we are going to have to raise a fair proportion of the money ourselves.

There is a lot of money to raise but we can do it.

At the launch in July we will explain exactly how we are going to do it, but for now, if you want to donate, you can make a cheque payable to

‘St Saviour’s Church Building Fund’

or contact the church office for details of the bank account to make a direct transfer. The online donations facility will be up and running shortly.

We will use this page to update you on the progress of the project. Thank you all for the support, enthusiasm and encouragement you have shown so far.